How a Trade Exhibition Can Work for You


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We got in touch with the Exhibitions and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA) and asked them exactly why businesses should consider the benefits of trade exhibitions. With National Conference coming up, it’s time to decide if participating as a trade exhibitor is of value for your business. EEAA are the experts in this area and they say, “Exhibitions Work” because they are the most effective part of the marketing mix. Here’s why:

Eye-to-Eye Marketing

Marketers say exhibitions perform better than any other medium when it comes to face-to-face communication, interacting with pre-qualified prospects, demonstrating products, and directly communicating your messages.

Concentrated Marketing

The most valuable commodity for your best prospects is their time. It’s hard to get sales people in front of them in a business-to-business market. They’ve already invested their time in attending the exhibition so you get time with a self-selected core of buyers.

Versatile Marketing

Exhibitions are versatile because they bring together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and media in the one place. This means that whatever your goals, an exhibition can get you there – whether you want to generate media coverage, build brand awareness, generate leads or retain your existing customers.

Cost Effective Marketing

Exhibitions are far from “flag waving exercises” these days. Marketers will expect a quantifiable return on investment for any marketing activity and an exhibition can be measured in terms such as cost per lead and cost per sale.

Intelligent Marketing

Exhibitions make business sense. No one would say they should be your only B2B marketing activity, but many say they are the pinnacle of the marketing pyramid because they deliver personal interaction with real buys – something other mediums only get you a step closer to.

EEAA has a bevvy of resources around exhibitions and how they may benefit your business. We’d like to thank them for sharing their expertise with us on this topic. Check out their website resources section for more fact sheets, toolkits and videos.

If you’re considering participating in the Caravan Industry Association of Australia 2017 National Conference as an exhibitor, please contact Bebe Mawer for the best option for your business.
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