Hugely successful ‘Road to a Million’ finishes in style!

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A fitting finish to our hugely popular ‘Road to a Million’ campaign with Channel Seven’s Sam Mac broadcasting to a national audience in the millions.

A campaign that fostered a unified industry approach with over 1,300 participating caravan parks with the support of each state association.

‘Road to a Million’ generated over 77,900 entries resulting in 339,238 camping nights and over 852,000 entries recorded.

During the campaign period, the distance travelled increased by 10% with one in four nights booked further than 800 km from a major capital. The campaign also led to 18% of survey respondents booking more nights and 19% travelling further.

Impressively, 33% of campers reported taking a winter holiday they would not have and 68% said they were influenced to book another camping holiday this year (survey sample 6,300). These are pleasing outcomes, as increasing the distance travelled and nights spent camping were identified as key challenges the campaign aimed to tackle.

This live tv event also provided a fantastic platform to spotlight all the fantastic benefits and fun of a caravanning and camping lifestyle, ensuring it continues to be positioned as Australia’s number one holiday choice.

Our winning person was Amy Merlehan, a monthly family camper with her husband Peter and two daughters Aoibhe and Cara.

“I love getting to spend quality time together, no devices around and you have time to go off on adventures and experiences together. Just sitting around the campfire and having a chat and eating dinner is what we enjoy,” she said.