International Brand Scientist Presenting at National Caravanning Conference in Melbourne

< Date: 25 February 2015

Duane Knapp is recognised as the authority on building Genuine Brands. He is a pioneer in the field of BrandScience as well as in developing and implementing transformation strategies.

Knapp is the Founder and Chairman of BrandStrategy, Inc., which has advised over 350 brands in 17 countries worldwide including corporations, communities, societies, professional associations, institutions, countries, world-class professionals, colleges and universities, celebrities and successful individuals who desire to optimize their perception, image and success.

Knapp will be “putting on [his] outback spirit” at the National Conference, showing delegates how to create Genuine Brands – brands that enhance the experience of their customers.

“Genuine Brands are focused on making people happy. Those behind Genuine Brands make a Promise to themselves and their customers,” explained Knapp.

“If you want to be successful then you have to think like a Genuine Brand.”

In Knapp’s presentation to the caravanning industry he will be revealing the science of creating a Genuine Brand, as well as running a special Brand Masterclass to delve deeper into the way a brand creates a Promise and fulfils it in order to become a Genuine Brand.

“Whether you run a caravan park, sell RVs, or some other aspect of the industry, you need to think of your customers as a guest. This paradigm shift is an important step in creating an experience for them,” Knapp said.

“Consumers see value in more ways than cost. If you can create a positive guest experience, you will be far ahead of your competitors.”

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s National Conference will be held in Melbourne from February 27- March 1. The three-day conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities in Australia’s caravanning and camping industry.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia looks forward to welcoming delegates to the 2015 National Conference at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne this February.