International Caravanners and Campers – There’s More of Them and They’re Staying Longer


International Core Markets YE June 2016

Tourism Research Australia data released today shows a total of 334,184 international caravanning and camping visitors for the year ending June 2016, growing yet again by 12% on the previous year.  This year these visitors accounted for just over 5 million visitor nights in the sector, also showing an increase of 6% on the previous year.

The top three international markets are the UK, Germany and the US, representing 18%, 16% and 9% of international caravanners and campers respectively, once again highlighting the strong affinity these countries have with the caravanning and camping lifestyle and the access it provides to unique Australian landscapes and experiences.  Interestingly, Germany accounted for the largest number visitor nights, topping just over 1.1 million for this period, becoming the first single international market to exceed 1 million nights in the sector this year.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia researcher Peter Clay says, “These figures continue to indicate that caravanning and camping is perfectly aligned with Tourism Australia’s marketing initiatives and core target markets.  Furthermore, the ongoing campaign “There’s nothing like Australia” and its focus on aquatic and coastal experiences promotes the regions where international caravanners and campers are most likely to travel”.

The data shows significantly greater growth in visitor nights as compared to visitor numbers in several core markets, indicating international caravanners and campers are not only increasing in number but are choosing to stay for longer periods of time.  Added to this, they are a high yield market. This is a positive for local communities in regional Australia, where the bulk of caravanning and camping holidays take place and where many rely on tourist dollars and the jobs the industry creates.  In the coming weeks, the industry expects detailed visitor expenditure research to show the increasing value of international caravanning and camping visitors to the Australian economy.

Peter Clay says, “The robust increase in international visitors choosing a caravan and camping holiday, which represents the second continuous quarter of positive growth, highlights that the sector is still well positioned within Australia’s longstanding international markets”.

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