International caravanning and camping tourist numbers remain steady

< Date: 30 June 2014

Tourism Research Australia recently released the short term international visitor arrivals figures for the year ending April 2014. The figures show that there were 6.6 million visitor arrivals for year ending April 2014, an increase of 7.6 per cent relative to the previous year.


This is good news for the tourism industry as a whole, but Tourism Research Australia statistics also have something to say more about the caravanning and camping sector.


The total number of international visitor nights spent in a comercial caravan park or camp ground in Australia, for the year ending March 2013 was 3,760,923. Individual international visitor numbers reached 207,423 for the same period.


The top three state destinations were New South Wales, with Queensland a very close second, followed by Victoria.


These figures remained fairly steady for the year ending March 2014. International visitor nights dropped slightly to 3,638,788, with the total number of international visitors rising to 226,111 – an increase of over 9 percent. The top three state destinations remained the same.


For both years, the leading country of origin of foreign visitors to an Australian caravanning and/or camping site, has been the United Kingdom, followed by Germany, New Zealand and France. Though this order remained the same from 2013 to 2014, in the year ending March 2014, the UK cemented its lead, with the number of visitors jumping from 34,562 to 41,840.


These figures are encouraging, and hopefully will only improve. The scale of international visitation is also indicative of the huge contribution of the caravanning and camping sector to the national economy, as inbound tourism makes up only 10 percent of the Australian industry’s total contribution*.


Though domestic tourism is an enormous part of the caravan and holiday parks industry, the international market is a lucrative one. Australian caravanning and camping tourists spend an average of $667 per trip, whereas their international counterparts spend an average of $7,507 per trip*.


The Australian caravanning and camping lifestyle is a major drawcard for international tourists, something the industry will seek to capitalise on into the future.


*Tourism Research Australia, Caravan or Camping in Australia Snapshot 2012