Latest Caravan and Camping Industry Business Sentiment Report


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The Caravan and Camping Industry Sentiment Report – October 2016 represents the second in a biannual series of reports that examines in greater depth, the level of optimism in the caravan and camping sector along with the constraints restricting business and industry development.  The data collected in this research will be used to support government advocacy, marketing initiatives and future research development for the betterment of our industry.

This report uses an index approach to measure business conditions whereby a score is given to a range of commercial factors to indicate positive, negative or stable conditions.  Two indices are used in this report: The Caravanning and Camping Business Index and the Constraint Index.  For the Business Index, the higher the score assigned, the more positive the conditions are for businesses across the industry. For the Constraint Index, the lower the index reading, the less constraint that factor has on businesses across the industry.

The Caravan and Camping Industry Business Sentiment Index is 107 for the six-months leading up to October 2016, a 6.8-point increase from the index measurement in April.  This index reading indicates stable business conditions, which aligns with industry commentary regarding challenging national and international economic conditions along with faltering consumer confidence.

The increase in the index reading is in line with similar growth trends in Roy Morgan’s National Business Confidence Index and NAB’s Quarterly Business Survey over the same period, which noted increased business confidence due to middle-income tax cuts that were an important factor promoting confidence.

The conclusion of July’s Federal election, a major concern for businesses due to its impact on consumer confidence as highlighted in the previous survey, has provided increased stability across the caravan and camping industry. However, businesses have indicated that concerns remain over the continued economic impacts of Brexit and the Presidential elections in the US, along with the slowing economic conditions in China and how this will impact the Australian economy.

This research report can support your business by:

  • Assisting with future proofing
  • Providing data for grant applications
  • Supporting local political lobbying
  • Providing national benchmarks
  • Encouraging business development

The full report is available to Caravan Industry Association of Australia contributors.  Please contact for your copy.


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