Media Opportunities for Industry Businesses

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The opportunity exists to share stories and images from your business to promote the Australian caravanning and camping industry – while positioning your brand as an industry leader at the same time.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has access to various media channels that are used to share key messages that support the industry as a whole.  Our consumer channels include a Facebook page with over 100,000 followers, a monthly Let’s GO newsletter with over 320,000 recipients and relationships with various consumer publications that we use for consumer marketing.  For business-to-business messages, we share stories via an industry blog, an email database, a monthly Pulse newsletter and through mainstream media outreach.

Making a contribution to your industry is a win-win! Here’s how you can get involved:


The following examples from your business can be used to promote the caravanning and camping industry as a whole, either as a stand alone piece or as part of a bigger story or campaign.

  • Tourists enjoying the caravanning and camping lifestyle in your business.
  • Industry product in use by you or your customers.
  • Historic images showing the progress of your brand or product.
  • Images that represent family, community, active lifestyles, nature experiences and Australian tourism.
  • Before and after images of renovations or developments.
  • Celebrities enjoying your products or services.
  • Feel good customer stories with an interesting angle.
  • Famous people who have supported your brand or business.
  • Long-serving customers you have looked after through more than one generation.
  • New innovations in your business.
  • Business challenges you have successfully overcome.
  • Ways your business supports your local community or charitable causes.
  • Caravanning and camping tips or advice.


  • Advertising.
  • Promotions.
  • Images and stories that focus on a singular product or brand without a “story”.
  • Marketing messages that only serve to promote a singular business.

The purpose of your contribution is to create consumer content that puts the ‘story’ first and promotes the caravanning and camping lifestyle. This allows us to engage a wider audience via our media channels and also provides a branding and promotion opportunity for your business – although this will take a backseat to the story with a subtler sell. This is a different approach than one with a product or service focus, which greatly reduces the audience reach because people not immediately interested in the product or service will not engage with the content. The ‘story first’ approach ensures an interesting read for a much larger audience and also places your product or service front of mind to potential consumers, both immediately and in the future.

RadioNewsConferencePlease email your stories and images to or share a link to an online folder (e.g. Dropbox) with this email address.

Media opportunities as described are available for contributors to The National Marketing and Advocacy Fund.  To find out more please contact Caravan Industry Association of Australia via