Meet the Innovators – Prespa Souvlaki at Perth Central Caravan Park


Prespa Souvlaki Perth central caravan parkNella and Chris Sialtsis are the owners of Perth Central Caravan Park.  Chris and his partner are now happily in the caravan park business. However, for Chris, having worked for many years in a family-run kebab shop in the heart of Northbridge he never planned on going back into the food business, but sometimes the next generation will take the family traditions and run with them.

Levi, Chris and Nella’s son, learnt the art of souvlaki making from his uncle Michael while he was running a food van at the Mount Hawthorn Hawkers Markets. This experience inspired Levi working with his sister Alexi to start of their own entrepreneurial food van venture.

The kids were lucky to find a half-restored van in their own caravan park when Perth Central Caravan Park Manager, Damian abandoned a project to renovate an old van in desperate need of repair.  Levi saw the unfinished van as an opportunity and suggested that the van would be perfect to make souvlaki, and, after a professional refit, Prespa Souvlaki was born!

Why Souvlaki? Well, that was easy given Chris’ foodie experience. The name Prespa is the name of the lake of the fishing village where Chris’ father is from, another family tradition threaded into the project.

A Souvlaki van works well for the Perth Central Caravan park.  On any balmy Friday night, you can see Levi taking orders and Alexi cooking up a storm in the truck for guests of the park. Positioned near the onsite pool, the guests enjoy a delicious dinner and then either jump in the pool, stroll down to the river or simply enjoy each other’s company at the camp kitchen. During the warmer or drier months, the food truck will visit the park once a fortnight for Friday nights.

Nella, Levi and Alexi make the Greek style souvlaki the traditional way with a choice of pork or chicken with a fresh salad of tomatoes, red onions, cheese and the family secret recipe tzatziki (garlic) sauce for just $10. A healthy meal that fills you up and doesn’t cost a fortune.

The nights are advertised through the Perth Central Caravan Park Facebook page and posters at the park as well as website information sharing information on the nights.

The aim of the food van is not to make millions but rather provide a great service at this very family friendly park. While a profit is generated most nights, it will take quite a few years to make back the initial investment of a totally refitted van. Chris has taken the van to some private functions as well such as the Nannup festival, but the van is mainly for the park and that is how it will stay. This is for the family, for fun and for really yummy food.