Meet Your Committee: Caravanning Tasmania

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Caravanning Tasmania

Dennis Austin – President

Dennis Austin, the newly appointed president of Caravanning Tasmania, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for both the Tasmanian landscape and the caravanning industry. Known for his significant community service and leadership at Coastal Caravans, Austin is dedicated to advancing Tasmania as a premier destination for caravanning enthusiasts. With his vision to enhance caravanning experiences, encourage infrastructure development, and foster sustainable practices, he aims to strengthen Tasmania’s position as a top caravanning destination. Austin’s leadership is set to usher in a new era of growth and development for the Tasmanian caravanning community, promising to enhance the local tourism industry significantly.

Bronwyn Wild

Bronwyn Wild, former president of Caravanning Tasmania, plays a crucial role in shaping the future of tourism and caravanning in Tasmania. As the manager of BIG4 Launceston Holiday Park, Wild brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience in hospitality and park management to the table. Her commitment to enhancing Tasmania’s appeal as a caravanning and tourism destination is evident in her dedication to providing top-notch experiences for visitors. With a focus on promoting sustainable tourism and expanding the caravanning community, Wild’s contributions are instrumental in driving forward the mission of Caravanning Tasmania to make the state a leading choice for caravanners and campers alike.

Joanne Keown

Joanne Keown brings an impressive 29-year background in tourism and hospitality to her role on the Caravanning Tasmania board. With a journey that began after earning a degree in Secondary Education and a love for travel sparked by extensive global adventures, Keown’s career has spanned from retail travel agent roles to influential educational positions in Victoria’s AFTA Travel College and William Angliss Institute, where she lectured in marketing and business. Her expertise deepened with a Master’s in Marketing, focusing on consumer behaviour and tourism, leading to a pivotal role at BIG4 Holiday Parks National Support Office, enhancing the marketing efforts of over 90-holiday parks across Australia. Now at the helm of Tourism Creatures, she leverages her vast experience to help caravan parks maximize their market presence through digital strategies, revenue management, and process automation, ensuring they become cherished destinations for travellers. Jo’s extensive background and innovative approach to marketing and management are invaluable assets to Caravanning Tasmania’s mission to promote sustainable growth and excellence within the state’s tourism and caravanning industry.

Tim Curtis

Tim Curtis is a prominent figure in the Tasmanian tourism and caravanning landscape, thanks to his role at Discovery Parks. His involvement brings a significant depth of knowledge and expertise in park management and the broader tourism sector to the forefront of the organisation’s efforts. Tim is deeply committed to enriching Tasmania’s tourism appeal, focusing on enhancing the caravanning experience across the state. His vision includes not only elevating Tasmania as a key destination for caravanners but also ensuring that sustainable practices are integrated into the growth and development of the sector, showcasing his dedication to both the community and the environment.

Carolyn Newall

Carolyn Newall, alongside her husband, has been at the forefront of Tasmania’s caravanning and cabin park industry for over two decades, with their establishment, Crayfish Creek Van & Cabin Park, marking the realisation of their dream occupation. Starting with a 10-acre land purchase in 1985 and building their first home a year later, the Newalls embarked on a journey of hard work and dedication, balancing their day jobs with the development of their vision. Their venture expanded in 1995 with the acquisition of another property, leading to the creation of Stanley Lakeside Spa Cabins, featuring two cottages by a saltwater lake stocked with native salmon among other species. These self-contained cottages offer travelers the chance to cook their own meals while enjoying stunning views over West Inlet Bay, sunrise and sunsets, and an abundance of local wildlife.

Luke Emmett

Luke Emmett contributes significantly to the organisation with his hands-on experience as the owner of Mersey Bluff Caravan Park. His practical knowledge of caravan park operations and his commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences make him an invaluable asset to the team. Emmett’s dedication to promoting Tasmania as a premier caravanning destination is reflected in his efforts to enhance the state’s appeal through quality accommodations and services. His focus on fostering a welcoming and sustainable environment for caravanners aligns with Caravanning Tasmania’s goals to boost tourism and support local communities throughout the state.

Caravanning Tasmania Recent Committee Highlights

In a recent committee meeting, the Caravanning Tasmania board discussed various strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the caravan and camping industry in Tasmania and beyond. The meeting covered a wide range of topics from appointment announcements to policy priorities, underscoring a comprehensive approach to addressing current challenges and seizing future opportunities.

National Conference and Tasmanian Representation

The committee discussed ways to increase Tasmanian representation at the national conference. A scholarship-type application for those who have not attended in the past five years was proposed, along with a special offer to encourage attendance. This initiative aims to foster greater inclusion and participation from the region.

Addressing Free Camping and Environmental Concerns

The meeting touched upon the observed increase in free camping and its potential impact on local communities and the environment. The committee agreed on the importance of closely monitoring this trend and exploring strategic approaches to mitigate any negative effects.

Enhancing Industry Resources and Capacity

Feedback on the new caravan park guides was overwhelmingly positive, with efforts to distribute resources effectively across the region. The discussion also covered the significant opportunity presented by increased capacity for leisure vehicles on the Spirits when they come online, highlighting the potential for growth in this area.

Policy Development and Member Engagement

The need for a policy priority paper was discussed, particularly with a looing election. The committee plans to develop a document outlining key industry priorities and to engage members through workshops and surveys to refine these positions.

Workshop Initiatives and Industry Collaboration

Proposals for increased service delivery included the development of educational content and the exploration of virtual workshops to facilitate wider participation.

Consumer Marketing and Regulatory Dialogue

Plans for a new social media strategy and consumer marketing activities were presented, with a focus on leveraging digital platforms to engage with the community. The committee also highlighted the importance of dialogue with government bodies regarding regulatory pressures and the environmental impact of tourism.