More overseas visitors are caravanning and camping across Australia

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More than ever visitors from Europe and the USA are exploring Australia traveling beyond our cities to caravanning and camping throughout the country. The latest data from Tourism Research Australia shows that Australia’s international caravan and camping visitor economy continues to grow strongly up to the end of the June 2017 financial year.

The latest data released indicates that over 377,000 international visitors chose to take a caravan and camping holiday within the past 12 months. This figure marks a significant increase of 13% from the previous year with growth 4% higher than the national visitor economy recorded at 9%. International caravan and camping nights were also positive for the year ending June 2017, growing by 2% to reach 5.1 million.

Overall the caravan and camping industry’s core international markets continued to grow strongly with increased visitors from most of the sector’s traditional markets particularly countries such as UK (62,705 visitors), Germany (55,844 visitors) and USA (38,069 visitors), with solid growth of 4%, 6%, and 23% respectively from the previous year.

The sector’s emerging Chinese segment, although reporting from a small base rate, continues to emphasise their future importance to Australia’s caravan and camping industry with the market doubling in size to reach over 11,000 visitors which is a significant 63% growth from the previous year.  This is on the back of growing demand from this market for free independent travel (FIT) as visitors seek new and unique Australian experiences.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO Stuart Lamont said:  “The significant and robust growth in Australia’s international caravan and camping markets highlights the immense value that this market has for the tourism economy, the industry and the regional communities in which they visit.”

As the caravan and camping industry moves towards 2025 with the stated goal of doubling international visitor’s nights within the sector. It is important that the sector continues to build on this success and use it as a platform to concentrate on not just increasing visitors but also increasing the length of stay and overall visitor expenditure.

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