MVSA Review Due Shortly

< Date: 14 July 2015

The Motor Vehicle Standards Act Review is underway and a response by Government is expected shortly.  The Motor Vehicle Standards Act is the legislative instrument which makes it an offence to import, sell or present new or used imported vehicles to the Australian market for the first time unless they meet the National Standards (Australian Design Rules), except in circumstances where an exemption has been granted by the Administrator of Vehicle Standards (the Administrator).

Caravan Industry Association of Australia (in association with the state caravanning associations) has made a number of submission as part of the Review process, advocating strongly regarding the need for a stronger onus on stamping out non-compliant practices within our industry.  This view has also been represented in the past couple of months to among others the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, The Federal Treasurer, the Minister for Industry, and the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs MP who has oversight with regard to this Review.

We anticipate a recommendation in the coming month, noting that any application in support of stronger enforcement of the Australian Design Rules must be equally applied to importers as it does to locally manufactured product.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO Stuart Lamont on