New data reveals increase in international caravan and camping visitors


Families, friends, couples and solo travellers all around Australia know all about the amazing caravan and camping experiences available in our great country.

Now, data has revealed it’s not just Australians who love caravan and camping trips, with record amounts of international visitors choosing to caravan and camp in Australia.

The data revealed that in the year ending June 2018, 381, 888 visitors chose to caravan and camp, spending 4.87 million nights around Australia, with shorter trips to Australia also remaining a trend.

This represented an increase of 1.3% of visitors choosing to caravan and camp while in Australia.

While overall nights spent caravan and camping declined by 5.5% in a reflection of broader trends of shorter stays in Australia, there was positive growth in a number of emerging markets.

Caravan and camping visitors from the Netherlands increased by 42.8%, while China grew by 21% and French visitors increased by 7%.

These increases represent a good sign for the industry in diversifying our core markets and attracting a wider audience.

The data also revealed the 20-29 age group was the largest market for both international visitors and nights, representing 42% of visitors and 52% of nights, with the 30-54 age bracket compromised 34% of total visitors and 27% of nights.

With regards to visitation, 37% of visitors were identified as backpackers – the lowest proportion in 10 years. As backpackers are a traditionally long-stay market, this influenced the lower numbers of total nights and was felt around Australia.

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