New data reveals more international visitors choosing caravan and camping in Australia

New figures from Tourism Research Australia have revealed 377 000 international visitors opted to caravan or camp in Australia in the year ending March 2019, marking a 7% increase from the previous year.

The millennial market; led by working holiday makers and backpackers, continues to be the strongest age demographic with 157 000 international visitors aged 20 to 29 choosing caravanning and camping in Australia.

The 30 to 54-year-old age group represented 127 000 international visitors, followed by 73 000 visitors aged 55+.

The most popular state amongst international visitors was Queensland, with 132 000 visitors spending 1.6 million nights in the sunshine state.

Following closely behind, New South Wales attracted 129 000 international visitors and Victoria had 91 000, with an impressive increase of 5% from the previous year.

International visitors spent a cumulative total of 4.9 million nights in Australia, in a 2% decrease from the previous year.

Although there is a high (and growing) number of visitors who go caravan/camping in Australia, a challenge remains regarding length of stay; especially as core European markets soften due to economic uncertainty in the Eurozone and Brexit worries.

This softening has a severe impact on regional Australia and highlights the need for an increased focus on getting more long staying visitors to Australia, such as working holiday makers, who are significantly more likely to stay longer in regional areas