New Research Highlights Changing Attitudes in the Caravan Industry

< Date: 16 June 2015

New research released by Caravan Industry Association of Australia sheds light on the motivations and opinions of caravan owners when holidaying in Australia.

The research, conducted over four years, found 89 percent of respondents’ opinion of the caravan industry has improved in recent times, with 31 percent attributing their more positive opinion with “better products and facilities” in the marketplace. 

But products and services are not the biggest motivator for new caravanners and campers, for 49 percent “a desire to see more of Australia” was the biggest factor leading them to camping and caravanning. A further 20 percent saw it as an opportunity for “a change in overall lifestyle.” 

Value for money still rates highest for people deciding where to stay, with 19 percent of respondents choosing it as a factor. However, good park atmosphere, modern amenities, and friendly management make a close second (16 percent), third (15 percent) and fourth (15 percent) priority respectively.