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How becoming sustainable saved one resort owner thousands

Fiona Lidgett has been the owner of Townsville Eco Resort since 2014. In that time, she continued to make the park more sustainable for environmental and financial reasons. 

Licensing not the answer for caravan safety

Calls for an additional towing licence requirement for caravanning continue to draw media attention.  Some would argue that on face value the idea has merit.  What is frustrating, however, is that while caravanning has been the front coverage for the calls based on publicly released accident data, which conveniently does not refer to caravan accidents yet implies it in the reporting, such an introduction would have wide-ranging impacts on all low ATM trailer towing – from your recreation box trailer through to boats and others, with no evidence on how licencing will solve the supposed problem at hand. It smacks of overkill, where other policy drivers, such as education incentives and subsidies, would be far more effective. 

Improving Risk Management & Business Operation Plans

With the challenges caravan holiday park operators have had in recent years with insurance affordability and accessibility, the key take away has been that parks must improve their risk mitigation and make their businesses more risk adverse. An effective Risk Management & Business Operations Plan in a caravan holiday park is essential to operating a safe […]

Caravanning NT President meets with NT Tourism Minister

In a pivotal meeting aimed at boosting tourism and addressing critical issues in Alice Springs, Caravanning NT President Brendan Heenan met with NT Tourism Minister Joel Bowden alongside Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO, Stuart Lamont, to discuss a series of vital initiatives and concerns affecting the caravanning and tourism sector. Highlighting the pressing matter […]

Download our FREE Tasmanian Road Trip Guide

Caravanning Tasmania is proud to present the “Welcome to Tasmania” road trip guide. This guide is an essential tool crafted to support and enhance your business by showcasing the diverse and scenic touring routes Tasmania offers. Why Download the Guide? Distribution and Accessibility We have printed 50,000 copies of this guide, distributing them across key […]

Tasmania’s Caravanning Sector Thrives Amidst Changing Travel Trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of Tasmania’s tourism sector, the caravanning industry stands out as a beacon of resilience and adaptability. As Caravanning Tasmania, we have closely monitored our industry’s performance over the recent summer seasons, gathering insights that not only reflect our current standing but also chart a course for our future endeavours. Summer Season […]

Government and Industry Leaders Celebrate Launch of BIG4 Launceston’s Latest Cabins

Big4 Launceston Holiday Park recently marked a significant milestone for the Australian caravan and holiday park sector with the grand unveiling of their latest collection of cabins. This momentous occasion not only demonstrates the park’s dedication to innovation but also highlights the thriving potential of the caravan and holiday industry in Australia. The ceremony was […]

How Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain matured its offerings

Discovery Parks – Cradle Mountain, through consistent improvements from park owners, has been able to mature its offerings. It is now an iconic park and a must see for travellers making their way through Tasmania.

Holidayers are more inclined to recline

Holidayers in Tasmania are more willing to spend time seeking rest and relaxation than other activities. A study conducted by BIG4 Holiday Parks says 84 per cent of Tasmanians hit the snooze button while on break compared to 74 per cent of Aussies overall, and 89 per cent say they prefer quiet time over socialising. 

Meet Your Committee: Caravanning Tasmania

Dennis Austin – President Dennis Austin, the newly appointed president of Caravanning Tasmania, brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for both the Tasmanian landscape and the caravanning industry. Known for his significant community service and leadership at Coastal Caravans, Austin is dedicated to advancing Tasmania as a premier destination for caravanning enthusiasts. […]

Road 2 A Million Boosting Tourism in NT

The Road 2 A Million competition has emerged as a landmark initiative to invigorate tourism within the Northern Territory, leveraging the allure of a life-changing cash prize to draw visitors into one of Australia’s most iconic and culturally rich regions. An Overview of Participation Spanning from October 1 to February 29, the competition called upon […]

Road 2 A Million Boosting Tourism in Tasmania

In a groundbreaking initiative designed to elevate Tasmania’s tourism, the Road 2 A Million competition has made a remarkable impact on the state’s travel and hospitality industry. At the heart of this campaign is an enticing grand prize: the opportunity to win $1,000,000 in cash. This innovative competition has not only motivated adventurers to explore […]

70 new camping and caravan sites for NT park

BIG4 Hidden Valley holiday park has added 70 caravan and camping sites ahead of the upcoming tourist season, bringing the number of its sites to over 300, putting the Federal Government Caravan Infrastructure Grant to good use.  

Caravanning NT Unveils Exciting Rebrand for 2024

The Northern Territory Caravan Parks Association has unveiled its new identity as Caravanning NT, marking a significant step forward in its mission to better serve its vibrant community and embody the spirit of exploration and freedom associated with caravanning. This rebranding goes beyond a simple name change; it signifies a deep commitment to embracing the […]


Since September 2022, we have seen desires in the formation of policy by the Federal Government towards a low-emissions environment.