Online success is great, but it’s built on the back of bricks and mortar park building

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Luke Emmett has been the park owner and operator of Mersey Bluff Caravan Park for over six years. It’s a uniquely placed park in northeast Tasmania just out of Devonport known for its awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets. The park is often recognised on social media for its hospitality, including this post below:

 Yet, Mr Emmett says he rarely checks social media for feedback. He’s deeply humbled by the support shared online, but he holds a bricks-and-mortar philosophy where if you build it they will come.

 “We’ve just slowly been building it up as far as getting the sites all level,” he says.

 “After the first year working here, a lot of people were talking to us about the success we were seeing online, and that was when we started looking at putting our site on wiki camps – we’ve seen a lot of success there.

 “Our site is very lucky – we’re very popular with Tasmanians; we get a lot of people from Launceston, Hobart, and the east coast.

 “The key is looking after your customers once you’ve got them.”

 Yet the site is getting rave reviews for its hospitality. Mr Emmett says it’s about getting the little stuff right.

 “We make sure our toilets and amenities are cleaned, make sure if there’s something’s wrong with someone try and help them out as quickly as possible.”

 Mr Emmett says customers at Mersey Bluff Caravan Park are spoilt for choice, as Devonport holds a large range of food options while the site is ideal for camping.

 “Where we are here, if you don’t know where we are, you should come for a visit,” he says.

 “It’s just a great little spot; the morning sun from the east you can watch the Spirit of Tasmania come and go and on the west the sunsets… it’s just a beautiful little part of Australia.”