Opening Day celebrations for revamped Searles RV

< Date: 02 May 2014

Ben Searle recently hosted the opening celebrations for the revamped Searles RV located in Bundaberg.


Over 200 guests attended the event, with some guests travelling quite the distance to attend and making a weekend adventure of it.


The event had a ‘family feel’ to it with 3 generations of Searle famiy in attendance as well as Ben’s sister Anna acting as the photographer for the day.


Special guest Max Mayo from Avida was on hand and Ben was delighted with the added bonus of some unexpected sales being the sale of their first Avida Caravan and a Longreach motorhome.


There was entertainment from Stringendo String Quarter, a delicious BBQ and many prizes won.


Ben said that he was very impressed with his staff who performed over and above the norm, by helping out on the day, cooking the BBQ and making sure all the guests had a great time.