Parks Packed for Holiday Season

< Date: 17 December 2014

With the Christmas period looming, holiday park operators across Australia are ready for the influx of guests who will attend to be with family and friends.

Government research shows that more Australians return home from a caravanning and camping holiday in January than in any other month.

The first quarter of the year (January-March) sees the highest total number of caravanning and camping visitor nights each year.

The number of visitor nights has increased steadily since 2011. For domestics, the far larger market, the March 2014 quarter was 15.9 percent up from the March 2011 quarter.

A long-standing tradition in Australia has been the getting together for family groups at their ‘chosen’ Caravan and Holiday Park.  Many people have used the same sites or the same cabins every year for generations of visits.

The largest user group of the caravanning and camping sector is 30-54 year olds, making up 50 percent of the market.

“Families make special use of caravan holiday parks over the summer holidays, and it builds on the legend of the great Aussie summer getaway,” said Stuart Lamont, Caravan Industry Association of Australia CEO. \

“It’s always a fun time of year to visit a caravan holiday park and see friends and family congregating around the camp kitchen, or playing a game of cricket on the beach across the road”

Dennis Werthenbach, Chairman of Family Parks thinks the summer holidays are a fantastic time for caravan holiday parks and the people who stay in them.

“Our park operators always enjoy the Christmas period – and the chance to get reacquainted with these extended families who return every year,” he said.

With pools, BBQ areas, games rooms and area for family reunions – the best of locations be it river, lake, sea or big city pizzazz – there is a park for you and your family at Christmas.

“I hope more and more people follow the tradition of enjoying the option of a ‘parks’ holiday season get together. We provide space for the clan, and an array of services including camp kitchens, laundries, kiosks, all of which take the pressure away from entertaining all of the family in your own home,” said Werthenbach.

Geoff Illich, the manager of Brisbane Holiday Village couldn’t agree more.

“As a park manager Christmas is the most rewarding time of year seeing all the kids enjoy the facilities, families meeting new families, everyone enjoying the ‘old school’ caravan park values while either being in a caravan or in one of our cabins.”