Payload Estimator Mobile Site Launched

< Date: 05 November 2015

Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s new mobile website for towable recreational vehicles to assist Dealers and Manufacturers is now LIVE and ready for use by industry businesses.


Providing for sufficient payload has become a major challenge for manufacturers and dealers alike. Caravan Industry Association of Australia has developed quick and easy “Payload Estimator” to simplify the task of calculating the approximate minimum load carrying capacity required for any particular towable Recreational Vehicle.

Simply fill in your weights for whatever options or travelling gear the Recreational Vehicle is likely to be carrying and you will get a total figure for the approximate payload you should allow. With this information, you can specify suspension, components and the overall design accordingly.

The mobile website steps you through common payload items, with predetermined average weights, without having to remember them all. Dealers can sit down with their customers and go through all of the options and quickly and easily determine the consumer’s minimum required load carrying capacity.

The information obtained by using the mobile website will assist the manufacturer and dealer in designing and manufacturing a recreational vehicle to meet the consumer’s needs and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

To access Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s new mobile website, industry businesses simply need to click this link, accept the conditions of use and follow the prompts.