Sovereign Manufacturing and Jobs

Contribution to Australia


21,000 FTE Jobs

Over 4,000 manufacturers, component suppliers, service and repairers, and dealerships support a large number of Australians and creates significant value chains.


30,000 Units Annually

Annually, 30,000 RVs are assembled in Australia, with two-thirds built entirely in Australia. There are 190 local manufacturers of recreational vehicles (caravans & motorhomes).

Economic Benefits

$4.6 billion annually

Trade businesses create $4.6b per annum in revenue, which helps sustain a caravam and camping visitor economy worth $23.1B to the econmy each year.

Our Focus

The recreational vehicle trade sector is of significant national importance as the largest manufacturing sector of automotive production in Australia, following the reduction in the car industry over the past decade.

A long history dating back to the 1950s, RV manufacturers and component suppliers have led the way in designing and constructing innovative and safe vehicles built for Australian roads and harsh outdoor climates.

With increased global competition, changing market behaviour, new technological advancements, transformative factory processes underway and ongoing regulatory reform, our RV Manufacturing Policy and Advocacy stream is focused on the following:

  • Promoting the importance of the trade sector to the Federal government in creating economic value and jobs;
  • Advocating on behalf of industry regarding the Road Vehicle Standards Act and its implementation;
  • Informing Federal government on road safety issues and the need for relevant regulatory oversight;
  • Ensuring opportunities for Industry 4.0 development are applied to the industry;
  • Informing Federal government on the importance of the sector in job creation and the opportunities it provides for apprenticeships and training.
  • Advocating on relevant, fair and sustainable Australian Consumer Law amendments;
  • Advising government committees on relevant technical and standards issues appropriate to the industry.

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