It is with profound sadness that we reflect on the passing of Helen, a distinguished member of our community and a beacon of enthusiasm and commitment within the Caravan Parks Association of Queensland (CPAQ) and beyond. Helen, alongside her husband Ray, was the force behind the creation and operation of the Stanthorpe Top of the Town Caravan Park, a beloved destination for many.

Helen’s dedication to the industry and community was evident in her active participation in CPAQ, where she not only served as Vice President but was also a vital part of the Committee for numerous years. Her vibrant personality and unwavering willingness to engage in a variety of initiatives left a lasting impact. Whether it was through CPAQ activities, the Stanthorpe art show, or the Deb Ball, Helen’s enthusiasm and dedication were palpable.

Memories of Helen highlight her exuberant personality and her readiness to contribute meaningfully to the events and causes she was passionate about. Helen’s legacy within CPAQ and the wider community is one of vibrancy, leadership, and a deep-seated willingness to make a difference.