It is with profound respect and admiration that we commemorate the remarkable contributions of Gary Ehsman to Queensland’s caravan park industry and to Caravan Parks Association of Queensland (CPAQ). Since 2007, Gary’s tenure with CPAQ has been marked by distinguished service in several key roles, including that of the Sunshine Coast Division President, a diligent member of the CPAQ Board, and, most notably, the Treasurer from 2010 until his resignation in 2016.

Gary’s commitment to CPAQ was extraordinary, balancing his full-time responsibilities at the Sunshine Coast Regional Council with his roles at CPAQ. He generously donated his time, expertise, and unwavering support to the association, often going above and beyond to attend CPAQ activities and meetings. His near-perfect attendance record at CPAQ Board meetings stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for the industry.

More than just a member, Gary was a staunch advocate for the association and the caravan park industry at large. His involvement was driven by a genuine desire to contribute, regardless of personal gain, providing invaluable insights that guided many decisions affecting operators directly. His reasoned voice and practical advice were not just appreciated but sought after, making him a respected figure among his peers and colleagues.

Gary’s tenure as Treasurer was characterised by meticulous scrutiny and thoughtful questioning of financials, ensuring the association’s financial health was always a priority. Under his stewardship, CPAQ’s financial position reached new heights, a legacy that continues to benefit the association.

Even upon retiring from his council role, it was essential for us to acknowledge Gary’s indelible impact on CPAQ. In a fitting tribute to his vast contributions, Gary was awarded the CPAQ President’s Award by Tim Eddy, a gesture that, while marking the end of his active involvement, cements his legacy within the association.

Gary Ehsman’s dedication to CPAQ and the caravan park industry will be remembered as an example of true commitment and selfless service. As we bid farewell, we extend our deepest gratitude for his years of service, his leadership, and his friendship. Gary was indeed “one of the good guys,” and his presence will be greatly missed.

We extend our deepest condolences to Gary’s family.

Gary Ehsman