Rachel Golightly: A Future Leaders Newbie!

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FLC panel

Rachael Golightly, Operations and Human Resource Manager at BIG4 Beacon Resort, shares her recent Future Leaders Conference experience.

I didn’t have a huge understanding of what the Future Leaders Conference would entail before I got there. It was my first conference and I hadn’t met anyone yet. I was a little hesitant to attend on my own without the security of my colleagues, who weren’t arriving until the following day for the National Conference. I think going by myself was the best thing for me to, because I made my own connections and friends. I was blown away with how friendly and supportive everyone was! My worries quickly disappeared and I felt comfortable throughout the whole day.

During the conference, it was exciting to learn about new technologies available and how these things can be incorporated into our industry businesses. I was also inspired listening to people my age, who are already successful in the industry. Attending the conference gave me confidence to take on the next level of responsibilities in my role at our park and has encouraged me to help our team deliver the best guest experience we can provide through new developments.

The Future Leaders community is an opportunity to expand your network of support and further your knowledge. If one person offers support and guidance to each newcomer (like myself) at every future leaders event, our community will keep growing and strengthening, encouraging more to get involved. The more supportive networks we can develop, the stronger our industry can become. We can all learn from one another, whether it’s gaining knowledge from someone who has been in the business all their life or hearing new ideas from up and coming newbies who bring a fresh perspective.

FLC Crowd by Jo Palmer

Image Credit: Jo Palmer