Real Richness Australia explores the social benefits of camping in Australia. It is based on a similar report conducted in the United Kingdom in 2011. It draws a comparison between Australians who camp and those who do not, and asks campers what they love so much about camping experiences that they have had.

Some of the report highlights include:

  • 85% of campers felt closer to their spouse/partner compared to 65% of non-campers
  • 96% of campers believe that camping can make you happier
  • 95% of campers believe that camping reduces stress
  • Campers are competitively happier, more satisfied, optimistic and energised than non-campers
  • Campers are less stressed, bored, frustrated and lonely than non-campers

This report clearly demonstrates the positive impact that our industry is having on the Australian population. This data can be used to engage campers through marketing initiatives.

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Caravan Industry Association of Australia contributors can request the full report by contacting

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