Reduce site repair costs and save time on maintenance

A surface stabilisation solution to manage erosion and accommodate heavy vehicles.

For caravan parks that have soft sites or receive substantial rainfall, managing heavy and frequent traffic from caravans and large 4WD vehicles can be a major challenge.  After the wet weather, some caravan park operators are required to do a great deal of site maintenance to restore their site due to surface damage left by heavy vehicles during peak holiday season, this can be costly and requires valuable time while also taking away from the beauty of the park.

Homegrown innovation, GEOHEX™ was developed to promote surface stabilisation, enabling operators to manage erosion on their site while accommodating heavy traffic from large vehicles and caravans. GEOHEX™ is used widely across caravan sites across Australia as permeable pathways, site stabillisation for caravans and more. GEOHEX™ was installed at BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Noosa caravan park last year as a test case to provide site support and reduce maintenance costs for park operators.

In the case of BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Noosa caravan park, the site receives regular rainfall and the natural soft state of the ground was posing problems, with deep wheel tracks often left across the dirt and grass site.  As well as requiring maintenance work to repair the site, this also posed a safety risk for visitors when entering and exiting their vehicle on site.  They required a solution that would also maintain the natural look and feel of the site, which ruled out concrete and asphalt.

This test case was able to gauge the effectiveness of the GEOHEX™ by installing a 200sqm test pad of GEOHEX™ in the caravan park.  The area where GEOHEX™ was installed covered the main driveway into the site, as well as a grassed area where customers park their caravan while staying at the park.

The GEOHEX™ for the test pad was locally supplied and easily installed by a landscaper with the infill material a binding mix of crusher dust and fertilised organic soil.  Grass was then laid over the GEOHEX™ to maintain a natural look to match the idyllic natural setting of the caravan park – something that could not have been achieved if concrete or asphalt was used.

Since installing the GEOHEX™ test pad on their site, the caravan park is seeing the effectiveness of the system to stabilise soft ground and help it bear the brunt of regular, heavy traffic and still giving them great drainage. The operators of the BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Noosa caravan park have been able to see and feel underfoot the huge difference GEOHEX™ has made to the surface saving time and money long term.

Made from 100% recycled Reproplene™ and proudly Australian made, GEOHEX™ is available Australia wide.

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