Relocation of the Chief executive Officer to Melbourne

< Date: 18 January 2015

In response to rising demands, and a planned coordinated industry strategy towards compliance and accreditation in 2015, Stuart Lamont as Chief Executive Officer relocated over the Christmas break to now be based out of Melbourne.

Industry lifestyle marketing, caravan park accreditation and administrative functions remain based out of Brisbane continuing to utilise the office space provided by Caravanning Queensland.

This move will have many benefits to the organisation including being closer to the industry’s manufacturing base and many of the key suppliers to the manufacturing industry located in Melbourne, as well as saving on cost and time in travel for the organisation.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is committed to rolling out the ‘Accreditation Key’ across all sectors in the industry this year, and will be working closely with state associations and other important stakeholders in developing a program which is both robust, as well as providing a genuine marketing and business tool for those organisations involved in the industry program.

Stuart will also oversee the continued development of RVMAP out of Melbourne, with an increased level of audits planned for 2015.

“It is important that the consumer buys with confidence when purchasing in the caravan and camping industry, and that they recognise through the key, that the industry business they are interacting with is committed to the supply of products and services which meet industry recognised standards,” Stuart said.

2015 will start strongly for Caravan Industry Association of Australia with not only the focus on compliance and accreditation, but the hosting of the World RV Conference in conjunction with the 2015 National Conference in Melbourne in late February, the launch of the Let’s Go Caravan & Camping campaign (website, social media, and television commercials), increased dialogue with Federal politicians and Departments on matters such as the review of MVSA and industry training packages, and a number of exciting television co-operatives (starting from as early as this weekend) which will heavily promote the lifestyle and adventures which can be achieved through a caravanning and camping experience.

“This is an exciting time for the industry, and the relocation is designed so that Caravan Industry Association of Australia is even better placed to assist in the development of the Australian caravanning and camping industry.”

Stuart can continue to be contacted on if you have any questions.