REMINDER: Appliances (BBQs) Connected via Gas Bayonets

Gas safety considerations are an important part of consumer safety when using your caravan, camper trailer or motorhome. 

While there are many safety tips relating to LP Gas systems, this information is focused on the use of gas appliances (such as barbecues) connected via a gas bayonet to your caravan

The gas installation standards in a Recreational Vehicle are governed by Australian Standard AS/NZS 5601.2. 

This standard requires that any gas appliances that are connected to a recreational vehicle gas installation must have a flame safeguard system.  This includes any appliance connected through a gas bayonet fitting.

What is a flame safeguard system?

Flame safeguard systems, simply put, are a built-in safety device that protects an appliance user while the appliance is in operation (eg a BBQ while cooking is under way).

It works by immediately cutting off the gas supply if the flame on a burner happens to go out, such as if it is blown out by a gust of wind.

This stops a build-up of gas inside the appliance and its interior gas valves, preventing a gas explosion

While flame failure won’t fix the issue of a burner blowing out, it will keep the appliance user safe from a potentially very dangerous situation and allow use of the appliance (eg cooking) to resume quickly and safely without a gas build-up.

Why do I need to know about flame safeguard systems?

It’s about improving safety for you and your family/friends while you enjoy the Caravan and Camping lifestyle to the full.

Consumers intending to use a gas appliance connected to a bayonet fitting are strongly encouraged to ask questions when purchasing the appliance, to ensure that it has flame safeguard features. 

This will ensure that your device is as safe as it can be and also compliant with the gas installation standards.

Consumers should also be aware of the requirement for flame safeguard features if they are seeking advice from a Recreational Vehicle manufacturer or retailer regarding appliances that can be supplied with their vehicle. 

Not all domestic outdoor BBQs have been designed with the required safety features, so may not be able to be supplied for use with a caravan gas bayonet connection.

In the interests of maximum safety, consumers are encouraged to ask questions and seek out an appropriate product if purchasing new BBQ appliances for use with your recreational vehicle.

Note: Please be aware that outdoor domestic BBQ’s connected directly to a gas cylinder do not require a flame failure device.  However, it is important to be aware that these appliances are not necessarily approved for use with a gas bayonet fitting.