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Embracing the booming Chinese tourism market

Over the past 10 years, Chinese visitors have been a key source of growth for tourism around Australia. Now, Caravan Industry Association of Australia has released the 2018 Chinese Visitors to Caravan Parks report; one of the first research reports in the world designed to provide insights into Chinese travellers staying in caravan parks. In […]

New Federal Chairman platforms on unification to drive industry growth

At the Caravan Industry Association of Australia National Board meeting conducted earlier today, Mr Grant Wilckens, CEO of Discovery Parks was elected new Federal Chairman. With a large financial investment in the industry spread nationally across almost all state and territories, Grant recognises the need for the industry to come together for future success to […]

Domestic Tourism numbers see a slight drop but there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic

The recent Tourism Research Australia data for the year ending June 2017 has reflected a slight downturn in the numbers of people caravan and camping in the domestic market. These figures reflect some of the challenges that our industry has had to deal with such as Cyclone Debbie in QLD and a general economic downturn […]

More overseas visitors are caravanning and camping across Australia

More than ever visitors from Europe and the USA are exploring Australia traveling beyond our cities to caravanning and camping throughout the country. The latest data from Tourism Research Australia shows that Australia’s international caravan and camping visitor economy continues to grow strongly up to the end of the June 2017 financial year. The latest […]

Latest Industry Sentiment Research Shows Caravan and Camping Industry Remains Well Positioned in Challenging Environment.

Trump. War. Interest Rates. The three most commonly cited themes that were front of mind for our industry representatives when asked about how they see the future of the Australian economy and the caravan and camping industry in the latest industry sentiment survey conducted in April. This is a considerable shift from the collective focus […]

Latest Caravan and Camping Visitor Snapshot

In the year ending March 2017, a total of 11.58 million caravan and camping overnight trips were undertaken by Australians, which represents a 1.1% decrease from the previous year. This decline in numbers is largely attributed to a seasonality issue where Easter fell in March in 2016 and April in 2017. As such, the current […]

Real Richness Australia

Real Richness Australia explores the social benefits of camping in Australia. It is based on a similar report conducted in the United Kingdom in 2011. It draws a comparison between Australians who camp and those who do not, and asks campers what they love so much about camping experiences that they have had. Some of the […]

Caravan and Camping State of Industry 2017

The Caravan and Camping State of Industry 2017 is a comprehensive review of all caravanning and camping tourism figures, recreational vehicle manufacturing and caravan and campervan registration statistics for 2016. This is discussed in context with the national economy along with historical industry trends to help inform industry of the current situation and the trajectory […]

Caravanning and Camping Consumer Demand Report

The 2017 Caravanning and Camping Consumer Demand Report is the first in an annual series of research measuring consumer preferences, behaviour and intentions in a domestic setting. This report helps to identify opportunities within the Australian caravanning and camping market and inform the industry of the customer decision-making process, consumer behaviour and likelihood of future […]

China has arrived and is seeking out the great Aussie camping trip

The first quarter of 2017 has continued to show robust growth in international caravan and camping arrivals to Australia, growing by 10% to 368,490 visitors for year ending March 2017.  This increase in visitation is being primarily driven by the traditional markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, increasing by 1%, 9%, […]

Urban Myth Settled: Happy Campers Really are Happier

The phrase “happy campers” is used in everyday conversations, everywhere.  But are campers really that happy?  Well, the stats are in and it looks like the saying “happy campers” is founded in fact.  Campers are happy!  Or at least, happier than those who don’t go camping. Caravan Industry Association of Australia conducted a “Real Richness” […]

Unprecedented Growth in Aussie Caravan and Camping Holidays

Australians continue to hit the road in ever increasing numbers for the iconic caravanning and camping holiday.  The numbers don’t lie – Aussies of all ages love getting into the great outdoors and reconnecting to nature, the simple life, our friends and family. Tourism Research Australia data for the year ending 2016 shows the highest recorded […]

Caravanning and Camping Outperforms Other Accommodation Types

Australian tourism is a behemoth of an industry, recording $116.7 billion in visitor spend for the year 2015-16, and the caravanning and camping sector – the little Aussie battler if you will – is holding its own, and more. Caravanning and Camping is ingrained in the fabric of the Australian tourism industry since the earliest […]

Aussies Break Caravanning and Camping Records

The latest visitor numbers released by Tourism Research Australia once again show unprecedented growth in caravan and camping holidays taken by Australians.  The year ending September 2016 recorded the highest overall trips and record annual growth since data was first collected in 1998, clocking 11.78 million trips and 13% growth on the previous year. Aussies have […]

Latest Caravan and Camping Industry Business Sentiment Report

The Caravan and Camping Industry Sentiment Report – October 2016 represents the second in a biannual series of reports that examines in greater depth, the level of optimism in the caravan and camping sector along with the constraints restricting business and industry development.  The data collected in this research will be used to support government […]