Research Presentations at State-based Conferences



Caravan Industry Association of Australia researcher, Peter Clay, was invited by SA Parks to speak on the state of the industry at their 2016 Annual Conference this week.

Peter shared research showing that SA had the strongest growth in domestic trips and international nights in Australia for 2015, growing by 13 and 16 per cent respectively over the previous 12 months.  This demonstrates the importance of caravanning and camping in South Australia’s visitor economy and raises opportunities for capitalising on this trend going forward.

Peter took this opportunity to speak about the current trends driving caravanning and camping both nationally and in south Australia specifically. BDO also presented alongside Peter, speaking about how industry businesses can use research to support their commercial decisions and marketing initiatives.  The presentations highlighted the importance of research for both individual bossiness development and the growth of the industry as a whole.

Peter said, “The opportunity to engage with industry and learn about some of the innovative products and initiatives being undertaken in South Australia was valuable.  As was gaining a more thorough understanding of the challenges facing industry businesses in their efforts towards development and growth”.

This week also saw Stuart Lamont present an update on the caravanning and camping industry at the 2016 WA Tourism Conference, held by Tourism Council Western Australia.  He will also be presenting research highlights at the 2016 VIC Parks Conference alongside BDO next week.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia appreciates the opportunity to present at various state-based activities and events, enabling a collaborative approach between state associations and the national body in supporting industry as a whole.

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