Continuing research partnerships providing useful data for the industry

< Date: 04 March 2015

Caravan Industry Association of Australia continue to work with partners BDO and NEM to attain helpful data in both the parks and trade sectors. Research is vital in providing the industry with accurate and relevant data which is used when speaking with government and media to positively influence commentary and decisions.

Two of the ongoing research projects we are undertaking include:


Monthly Production Figures (includes Employment Numbers and Retail Sales Data): undertaken by Mark Griffiths – NEM

In addition to being a requirement of participation in the RVMAP program, this information can be used to benchmark your business, make comparisons between historical figures and predict current and future trends.


Monthly Accommodation Takings: undertaken by Angus Stachan – BDO

The ABS Survey of Tourist Accommodation has ceased to report industry statistics on the caravanning and holiday park industry. A subsequent attempt by Government through the Small Scale Accommodation Survey to replicate this data was unsuccessful. This means there is now only very limited data being provided to Government on the size and success of the industry. To remedy this, Caravan Industry Association of Australia is working with parks to collect the relevant information. The data is being collected anonymously, and without any cost to you.

These projects are two of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s ongoing research projects and we would like to invite and encourage manufacturers and caravan park owners to participate in these short surveys for the benefit of the industry.

Please keep in mind that all information will be provided and analysed by BDO and NEM confidentially purely for the completion of this project. This information will not be shared with any third parties.

If you are wanting to be involved in these projects please contact Jessica Adams – Special Projects (Research) on or 07 3262 6566.