Review of CRVA accreditation scheme

< Date: 01 May 2014

Australia’s accreditation landscape is changing, and it is necessary for the existing Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia Ltd (CRVA) accreditation scheme to be reviewed to keep pace with current developments.


In summary there are three main areas of accreditation which have the potential for immediate change on the CRVA accreditation scheme.

  • The merging of operations between CRVA and the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia Ltd (RVMA) provides an opportunity for an expansion of the CRVA accreditation scheme to also include industry suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and repairers as well as caravan holiday parks. This coupled with the change of name to Caravan Industry Association of Australia Ltd provides an opportunity to potentially re-badge the existing CRVA accreditation scheme.
  • The current brand used by the CRVA accreditation scheme was licenced under TAAL Limited. After a period of hiatus caused while T-QUAL was in the process of being established, in November 2013 TAAL Ltd was re-constituted as ATAP Ltd with some of the member rights previously enjoyed by CRVA evaporating along with a number of other schemes under the TAAL Ltd program, in favour of a select few. CRVA expressed strong displeasure at the reconstitution and the potential uncertainty around rights, however the reconstitution was passed through a vote of TAAL members. CRVA currently holds a temporary ATAP licence through to June 30 2014, and has been negotiating an extension of terms since with the view to examine how the current CRVA program can be incorporated in the future as a specialised branch of the generic ATAP program.
  • T-QUAL was a Government initiative designed to promote quality tourism businesses, using Tourism Australia as its marketing arm, and carrying a separate logo to that of the master licenced accreditation schemes, of which CRVA holds a licence. Following the change of Federal Government in 2014, the promise to return accreditation to industry by 1 July 2014 is in the process of being completed with an existing tender document out for administration of the national accreditation program. CRVA is aware of one organisation seeking to put in a tender document and has been involved in discussions surrounding the content of the tender, and the future administration of the national accreditation program.

When you add to the above, the differing commitments to accreditation from State Governments, their tourism marketing agencies, and Tourism Industry Councils, we are faced with a very interesting framework from which to base decisions on an accreditation program suitable to the caravan holiday park industry.


One thing is for certain however, CRVA (and RVMA) are committed to encouraging product improvement in the supply side of our industry through compliance and accreditation, and support the development of quality tourism product offerings to our consumer, under a regime of open competition and a level playing field.


To assist us in building a robust and relevant accreditation scheme we are asking CRVA accredited properties to complete a short survey. This will allow the National Board to make some informed decisions with regard to the future of accreditation within the caravan holiday park industry.


To complete the survey please click here.


If you would like to complete the survey or discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact either Stuart Lamont or Mark Shipton directly through the office on 07 3262 6566.