RMS upgrades support of industry with new Association partnership

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is pleased to announce a new three-year preferred partnership agreement with RMS, further cementing a deep relationship which stretches back decades.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia welcomes this support and confidence in our organisation as well as continued support of the caravan and camping industry.

Stuart Lamont, Chief Executive Officer of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, said RMS has always been able to be relied upon to support the organisation and its members.

“We are really proud of our long-term association with RMS dating back to when the national body was first formed nearly thirty years ago,” he said.

“It has very strong holiday park roots and it’s great to see they want to give back to an industry that’s been good to them.”

He added: “RMS support of the Association goes well beyond finance. RMS is and has always willing to pitch in to assist in system development, provide de-identified data or mobilise its network.”

RMS founder Peter Buttigieg praised Caravan Industry Association of Australia for its role in raising the profile of Australia’s caravanning and camping industry among consumers and key government stakeholders.

“The work that CIAA does has never been more important and we believe it’s vital to support their efforts championing a robust, compliant and sustainable industry,” Mr Buttigieg said.

RMS also works closely with each of the state caravan and camping bodies and has been the leading provider of property management technology to the industry for more than 35 years.