Road to a Million – Top Performing Parks

The ‘Road to a Million’ campaign is an industry first, uniting over 1,400 participating caravan holiday parks and the industry’s largest rental fleets in partnership with each of the 7 caravan holiday park state associations whose support made this possible. Over a two-month period (1 Jun – 31 Jul), the campaign saw over 29,000 individual entrants register their caravan park stays representing over 139,000 nights in market.

In it’s first month over 750 entrants took part in our ‘Road to a Million’ consumer survey; 71% of which said the campaign will likely influence a further booking this year, with 34% saying it influenced a winter holiday they otherwise might not have taken.

The survey also shows that 18.65% of respondents booked additional nights and 20.34% travelled further as a result of the campaign (the further from a metropolitan city you travel the more entries you receive).

Both consumer and industry feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it is so great to see the collective efforts of everyone involved paying off in real-market conversion.

Campaign Figures to Date (1 Jun – 31 Jul)