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When looking around to purchase your new Caravan, Camper or Motorhome make sure you look for the Accreditation Key! The RVMAP Accreditation Key is a symbol of a Manufacturers’ commitment to consistently build and supply product that adheres to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Regulations and Australian Standards (AS). To find out who is RVMAP Accredited simply click HERE. 



RVMAP is a voluntary industry program. The RVMAP badge is not intended to be, or should be taken as, a guarantee or warranty to:

  • Product compliance. Independent audits are conducted on a random and sample basis of products manufactured by participating manufacturers; or
  • The financial strength of a particular manufacturer. Independent audits do not cover financial issues.

The absence of the RVMAP Accreditation Badge from a product is not necessarily an indication of non-compliance or lack of commitment to compliance. Consumers must make their own investigations or seek specific advice on any product they are considering purchasing irrespective of whether or not it carries the RVMAP Accreditation Badge.