The RVMAP Code specifies additional and complementary requirements intended to enhance the safety and comfort of persons when they use Recreational Vehicles, and to improve the design and performance of these vehicles.

To access the most recent version of the RVMAP Code (Version 7 – May 2022) – CLICK HERE.

The Code is in addition to the requirements of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Vehicle Standards Bulletin No: 1 (VSB 1), Australian Standards, and any other relevant Statutory requirements.

The RVMAP Code also contains the programs’ RVMAP Ethics which all Licenced Businesses are required to adhere to.  To access the RVMAP Ethics, CLICK HERE.

In certain instances, specifications in this Code relate to Australian Design Rules and other documents. While every effort is made to keep this Code up to date, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that all necessary legal requirements are met.