RVMAP Program Update


RVMAP KEYEarlier this year, Caravan Industry Association of Australia announced an increased audit schedule for the 2016 calendar year.  With a target of 365 audits planned for the year, the Audit Team have already completed in excess of 414 audits so far for 2016 and will be conducting a series over Blitz Audits on commonly found compliance issues over the coming months.  This increased audit schedule (expected to reach 750 for 2016) evidences a level of audit resources in support of RVMAP accreditation not seen previously and also highlights the organisation’s commitment to improving compliance within the industry.

64 Manufacturers are currently RVMAP Accredited, with others having submitted applications that are currently undergoing pre-admission audits.

The increased focus towards compliance within the Industry by industry associations is resulting in an improved culture towards compliance and a general willingness to both understand compliance obligations and welcome audits as a business improvement tool.  Audits provide the opportunity to thoroughly inspect finished product as well as education that informs future manufactured product.  Although significant improvement has occurred surrounding compliance, issues concerning VIN plates and reflectors continue to dominate compliance breaches.