Reasons to Purchase RVMAP

Need a reason to purchase an RVMAP accredited caravan, camper or motorhome?

  1. The manufacturer is committed to consistently building a product which adheres to the relevant Australian Design Rules, Australian Standards and all other relevant regulations;
  2. Confidence in knowing the manufacturers products are regularly and independently audited;
  3. The manufacturer is committed to working with industry to improve industry standards as well as their own product improvement;
  4. The manufacturer voluntarily chooses to part of the industry accreditation program (RVMAP) as a representation of their commitment to compliance; and
  5. Accredited manufacturers have unlimited access to extensive technical support to ensure their industry and product knowledge is continually updated.

In addition, as a requirement of RVMAP all accredited manufacturers must abide by the programs’ Code of Practice. Further to this, accredited manufacturers must also adhere to the programs Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics states that RVMAP accredited manufacturers should:

  • Recognise that fair and genuine competition is fundamental to the service to which consumers are entitled.
  • Conduct their business in a dignified and honourable manner and with a view to maintaining the highest ideals of the industry.
  • Foster and assist the development of the industry.
  • Not speak disparagingly of the work or product of any other accredited manufacturer.
  • Strive at all times to maintain a fair and honest standard of pricing.
  • Be honourable and in keeping with both State and Federal laws and regulations in their dealings with employees.
  • Fulfil all contractual obligations, honour warranties, and act promptly where justifiable claims are in order


RVMAP is a voluntary industry program. The RVMAP badge is not intended to be, or should be taken as, a guarantee or warranty to:

  1. Product compliance. Independent audits are conducted on a random and sample basis of products manufactured by participating manufacturers; or
  2. The financial strength of a particular manufacturer. Independent audits do not cover financial issues.

The absence of the RVMAP Accreditation Badge from a product is not necessarily an indication of non-compliance or lack of commitment to compliance. Consumers must make their own investigations or seek specific advice on any product they are considering purchasing irrespective of whether or not it carries the RVMAP Accreditation Badge.