Saving Lives

As Australians emerge from the last two years of COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, two things are very clear; the urge to travel our own country is very strong, and the need to feel safe and protected is equally strong. After the race to be vaccinated becomes largely run and done, we realise that emerging variants can still challenge our feelings of health and safety.

Across the country we are seeing an increased focus on health, wellness and safety in many forms. This offers a great opportunity for businesses that offer holiday accommodation – particularly caravan parks – to promote their COVID-safe plans and systems. A recent survey conducted by an international booking system noted that the #1 concern of travellers was for clean and safe accommodation. This survey found that less than one-third of advertised accommodation displayed their COVID-safe practices and plans. Some accommodation websites now offer a tick-box for customers to request only COVID-safe accommodation options.

What a great opportunity for parks and manufacturers to promote online both their COVID-safe plans and their staff protocols that ensure the health and safety of guests and customers!

And of course, your businesses have additional safety features such as a defibrillator and trained staff ready to assist in an emergency. If not, contact us here at DefibsPlus ( and we can help fill this missing link in your safety protections for your guests and staff. As a bonus, DefibsPlus offers several free resources to get you started. Below is a link to our free Resource Kit, packed with templates, advice, and training tips to make this easy.

DefibsPlus also offers a free online training program, endorsed by our partners at Monash University Register. Click to commence the HeartSmart Program here.

A safe and happy Christmas to you all, and a better 2022 ahead.

Elizabeth White. CEO, DefibsPlus.