Strategic Plan 2016-2019 Launched

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 was launched at the 2016 National Conference.  A three-year plan, rather than a five-year plan, has been identified as an important tactic to enable industry responsiveness in a rapidly evolving environment.

The Strategic Plan is based on the new vision of the organisation:

“To lead and champion a robust, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry”

Providing a roadmap over the next three years, the Strategic Plan identifies a number of strategies, actions and projects which are designed to challenge existing thinking, expand on current projects and assets, and introduce accountability into the activities of the peak national body.

The Strategic Plan follows the previous pillars identified as being vital to the future direction of the industry – ‘marketing’, ‘research’, ‘compliance, accreditation and training’, and ‘lobbying 
and advocacy’.  It also introduces ‘sustainability’, a necessary change in the commercial funding model for the organisation, so that greater non-industry funding is sourced to grow the activity under each of the four pillars on behalf of the industry.

Based on these pillars, key activities and targets have been defined under the following five strategies:

  • PROMOTE the benefits of caravanning and camping
  • PROVIDE research
  • IMPROVE quality and INCREASE compliance levels
  • BUILD collaborative partnerships across community business and Government
  • DEVELOP independent commercial funding model for long term financial sustainability

The Strategic Plan is available in full for download should you wish to review the key actions, activities and targets that have been set out under each strategy.

Strategic Plan