Strength of Caravan Industry Presented to the Prime Minister



Dennis and PM copy

Caravan Industry Association of Australia Treasurer and Board member, Dennis Austin, sat with the Prime Minister on Friday to showcase the size and strength of the caravanning industry in Australia.

In the wake of the declining car industry, it is particularly important that industry messages and concerns are presented to key decision makers in Federal Government.  Dennis presented the messages of industry growth and value to the Australian economy to Malcolm Turnbull.

Dennis was able to highlight our billion-dollar contribution of manufactured product per year and almost 6% growth.  He also pointed out that almost one million visitor nights are spent in caravan parks every week and that our industry focus was in regional Australia, where approximately 90% of camping nights take place.  The industry’s significant impact on regional development and the provision of employment opportunities was also given due emphasis.

Dennis, the recent recipient of the Eric Hayman Award for Excellence, was able to provide insights about the strength of our industry and its bright future to the Prime Minster.  Dennis said, “It was an incredible opportunity to present our industry messages to the highest authority in parliamentary circles over this lunch meeting”.  He also said, “I was able to tell the Prime Minister that we represent a very ‘sexy’ industry with a bright future”.

During the meeting Dennis also sat with key advisors to the Prime Minister and presented an industry briefing paper detailing the industry’s strength as well as concerns and positions on current issues.

The work of Dennis and the peak national body has built a strong foundation of industry lobbying and advocacy, showcasing industry strength, which now enables us to approach the highest levels of government with strategies to co-partner in future developments.

Overall Dennis said the objective of presenting our industry’s success was met, saying, “Today we gained valuable traction in informing the Prime Minister of our industry’s strength and future to the degree that he would have been unaware”.

An industry political lobbying kit will be distributed in the coming week to allow industry businesses to effectively lobby within local federal electorates on key issues affecting them.