COVID-19: Industry update #11

May 8, 2020 3-Step Framework for COVIDSafe Australia This afternoon, the National Cabinet released a 3 Step COVIDSafe Framework detailing the process to fully reopen the Australian economy by July and for easing the social distancing measures that have been enforced since February.  We are pleased with the positive messaging to a return to “normal” […]

COVID-19: Industry update #10

May 1, 2020 Prepare to Reopen Your Business  This week, Caravan Industry Association of Australia was provided a briefing from Neville Power, Chairman of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.  The following topics were discussed. Progressive Release on Restrictions It is expected that the National Cabinet will begin to provide announcements on relieving social distance measures […]

COVID-19: Industry update #9

The latest information from your National Association  To say the last few weeks have been disruptive for industry, is an understatement. Given the extent of the announcements recently and as we settle into the new normal, we thought this would be a good opportunity to take stock and provide a summary of Federal Government Initiatives to support your businesses that have […]

COVID-19: Industry update #8

Today the Australian Government has announced a $130 billion job keeper subsidy, which will provide $1500 per fortnight wage subsidy, and will go a long way in supporting businesses to maintain their staff during these incredibly challenging times.   Under the JobKeeper Payment, businesses impacted by the Coronavirus will be able to access a subsidy from the Government to continue paying their employees. Affected employers will be […]

COVID-19 Industry Update #7

March 26, 2020  The past 24 hours have been heart breaking and confusing for many of our caravan parks operators, our guests and our RV travelling community.  Following the National Cabinet meeting on the 24th of March, the Prime Minister indicated that the discretion for closing caravan parks and camping grounds due to the COVID-19 crisis rested with State Governments.   Overnight, several states and territories have now implemented draconian measures leading […]

Caravan Industry calls for cabin accommodation exemption

Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) is calling on State Governments to review sweeping orders in some states forcing caravan park closures that will see self-contained cabin accommodation ideally suited for the management of the spread of COVID-19 sit empty. Stuart Lamont, CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, said that caravan parks located in most rural […]

COVID-19 Industry Update #6

March 25, 2020  Following on from the National Cabinet meeting last night (24/03), the Prime Minister has made further announcements regarding social distancing measures to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The announcement was extensive and listed several additional activities and venues that are now prohibited.  A complete list of these can be found here. […]

COVID-19 Industry Update #5

March 23, 2020  It is clear from the Prime Minister’s announcement last night that a staged lockdown is needed to manage the spread of COVID-19, and that a minority of Australians if left to their own devices are not following well publicised measures placing the health of fellow Australians at risk.   For now, business premises […]

Stimulus Package Announced and Essential Business Update

COVID-19: Industry Update #4 March 22, 2020 Following the announcement from the Prime Minister today and subsequent announcements by State Governments regarding the intention to close borders and limit non-essential travel, it is evident that the Government is firmly transitioning towards tighter restrictions regarding social distancing. Caravan Industry Association of Australia would like to provide […]