Australian made week – local caravan production at 30 year high

The caravan industry in Australia contributes more than $23B annually to the Australian economy and has extensive local supply chains that involve more than 6,000 businesses across manufacturing, dealerships, servicing, repair and tourism (caravan and holiday parks). There are currently more than 750,000 recreational vehicles (caravans & motorhomes) registered on Australian roads, with 90% of […]

Caravan and Camping Industry Support in Federal Budget 2021

This year’s Federal Budget focused on post-recession economic growth through tax incentives, business support packages, job creation mechanisms and project expenditure.  Whilst the government’s budget was light on in specific tourism or manufacturing related funding, we are pleased to see announcements regarding insurance support in northern Australia, an extension to the Building Better Region Fund […]

Caravan and Camping Industry Support in Federal Budget 2020

This year’s Federal Budget was a vital one for Australians and the caravan and camping industry, as the government aims to navigate the economy through a recession and into a post-covid world. At the core of the budget announcement was the need to drive expenditure through investment, infrastructure development, tax incentives, capital expenditure and increasing […]