Technical Updates and Recalls

Please note that as of January 2019, Technical Information has been published on an AD HOC basis, rather than via a monthly scheduled update document.  As such, the below information should be considered archived.

The relevant excerpts/ articles from the below publications have been added to the Technical Glossary accompanied with a date – CLICK HERE to access.

2015 **ARCHIVED** 

2016 **ARCHIVED** 

2017 **ARCHIVED** 

2018 **ARCHIVED** 

  • MARCH – Regulation/ Legislation Monitoring and Reviews
  • JUNE – GCM Upgrading (Re-Rating)
  • JULY – Electrical – Changes to AS/NZS3000 – Wiring Rules
  • AUGUST – Recommended Tyre Pressures
  • NOVEMBER – ATM Upgrades
  • DECEMBER – GTM Ratings and GTM Rating Calculator

Recall Information

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