The Road to Success


Road to a Million stimulus campaign proves to be a roaring success with over 850,000 entries recorded!

The ‘Road to a Million’ campaign closed with over 78,000 individual entrants registering their caravan park stays, representing 339,000+ nights in market. The campaign was designed to aid domestic tourism recovery within the caravan and camping sector.  As such, the involvement of each individual state association in collaboration with key distribution partners and the individual caravan parks driving the campaign on the frontline was crucial to the success of the campaign. 

It was through this partnership that the campaign was able to achieve national coverage, disseminate cohesive messaging to 1400+ individual caravan parks within the partnership’s network, while also capturing the collective consumer audiences of all involved partners and enriching the consumer journey at every stage. It is a wonderful testament to the character of the whole industry when such traction can be realised by working together under a shared vision for the benefit of both the industry and regional tourism more broadly.

Many positive changes in consumer behaviour have been observed during the campaign period. Of the 6,300+ entrants who took part in our consumer experience survey; 68% said the campaign will likely influence a further booking this year, 33% said it influenced a winter holiday they otherwise might not have taken, and 18% said they booked additional nights.  For perspective, up to $335 in visitor expenditure is generated for every extra night stayed.

Additionally, 19% said they travelled further due to the campaign, which was reflected in ‘distance travelled’ during July immensely increasing compared to pre-pandemic levels, with trips greater than 2,000km now accounting for 27% of all trips, versus just 19% in 2019.

With the promotion period over, we have drawn one lucky camper to join us this Thursday to shoot their shot at the $1,000,000 cash prize. We will host our major prize winner Amy Merlehan and her family on the Gold Coast for the event, which will be broadcast live on Channel 7’s Sunrise.

The Merlehan family

Make sure you tune in bright and early this Thursday while we cross our fingers for Amy to walk away $1,000,000 richer!