The Value of Industry Partnerships

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I think it’s fair to say that we can all get wrapped up in our own businesses at times. Sometimes we forget about the opportunities that are available in our local regions by teaming up with industry colleagues.

Recently Geoff Illich, of Brisbane Holiday Village, contacted me regarding an opportunity that had presented for his business. A children’s TV show was going to be filmed in his caravan park, showcasing the fun to be had while caravanning and staying in a park. Brisbane Holiday Village would be featured as well as a brand new Jayco caravan. I jumped at the opportunity to team up with Geoff and provide the caravan from our dealership. Our main investment was our time. Filming has completed and the show will be aired in March.

While visiting Geoff’s park, I also realised an opportunity that we’ve been missing as a business. We could offer our newbie caravanners a free two-night caravan park experience at Brisbane Holiday Village with the purchase of every new caravan. We’ve often spoken about something like this, however never made it happen. Our recent partnership has inspired us to pick up the idea again. We’ll cover the cost for our customers wishing to take up the offer and promote it as a value-add. In turn, Geoff will expose his park to a new group of future customers.

As an industry, there’s so much to be gained for both the trade and parks sectors by working together to cross-promote. This also reinforces a united industry with one message: Let’s Go Caravan and Camping!

Click to watch PartnershipsCheck out this little video Geoff and I put together about why we value industry partnerships.

Josh Carnavas
Operations Manager
Brisbane Camperland

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