Five Reasons to be Involved in Live TV Production


Caravan and Camping Live on Studio 10, June 2017
Top five reasons to be involved in a live TV production

Geoff Illich from Brisbane Holiday Village talks about the five biggest benefits of getting involved in live TV production initiatives based on his experience in June 2017.

1  Diverse audience and exposure to new markets

Having two half hour live production show on-site aired on free to air TV Australia wide was very rewarding. The Studio 10 show covers so many topics, news, and funny facets which makes the audience very diverse and engaged. We had huge website traffic, exposure to many new markets, bookings made during the shoot and our in-house guests felt like they were in Hollywood with all of the presenters getting up close and personal.  We picked up extras too – several live weather crosses from the village during the Brisbane news, shark tank contestants stayed and discussed the show with guests, extra plugs on our accommodation special, and every single person watching the show were able to take photos on the Studio 10 lounge with the whole team.

2  New insights

I really got to know all of the presenters and producers very well. It was great to see how they think, what they do, and what they expect. They need the show to work and have a huge amount of pressure for great daily ratings.

3  Motivation to tick off those “to do” items around the park

The village got a huge makeover and some improvements in the rushed lead up. Unfortunately we don’t have any star rating inspections or planned inspections anymore apart from our own internal ones. There is nothing like the motivation to get the whole village looking perfect and then await their arrival and response.

4  Opportunity to make an impression

We all blew them away and they were all so impressed which we feel gave a better spectacle. Every single member of the show repeatedly thanked us for everything. They were so concerned about us and if we were happy with what they had done, filmed, aired and promoted. This did take a lot of work and we were very prepared for the show. We replaced 50 chairs at the restaurant, purchased 20 new sun chairs around the pool, even put on cushions on the sun chairs, repainted areas, water blasted all facilities and possible film shoot areas, purchased welcome signs, purchased fresh flowers, ordered 300 cup cakes with logos from BHV and Studio 10 to hand out to viewers, set up our pop up bar with free coffee and water for all,  publicised on Facebook (PAID) to get more viewers from Brisbane to come and watch the action live, placed survival kits in each of the 25 cabins they stayed in with goodies and village merchandise, offered free meals and drinks to the whole team, set up a make-up cabin with special lighting, remembered their extensive coffee order and so much more around the village.

5  The hard work pays off (and it’s really fun)

We really only had a short lead in preparation as channel 10 went into administration and only confirmed everything at the last minute.  Myself, family and staff felt like we were all a part of the Studio 10 team. For 2 days, we ate meals with the entire crew of about 40 people, all helped each other out with set, packed everything up and during the live shoot we were all running around like crazy. But it worked!!!! Everyone missed them when they had left – back to normality.  Overall this was the best show I have ever been a part of in my (well over) 20 years in the Industry. The energy of the presenters, creativity of the producers, the friendly viewers, and our staff’s enthusiasm was a perfect combination for a successful film shoot.