Update on Accommodation Data Collection

< Date: 20 May 2015

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is moving forward with collecting vital occupancy and revenue data for our sector. We encourage all parks to participate in this research in order to accurately represent our industry when reporting to the government on the significant contribution of the caravan holiday park industry to the Australian economy.

If you are a user of NewBook you should have received an email with information on the project and how to participate (sent May 19). If not, please contact your NewBook support team. 

RMS9 users will be receiving a similar email later this week, instructing them on how to participate in our vital data collection research.

For all other reservation software users, we are in the process of creating a data collection portal to substitute the cloud-based systems.

As always be assured that the data collected is kept confidentially, and no specific parks are identified in the research compiled. This data is directly received by our research partner BDO, and Caravan Industry Association of Australia is not privy to any raw data.


Since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) ceased collecting tourist accommodation data for our industry in June 2010, there has been no data collected on caravan park revenue and occupancy at a national level.  As part of its research agenda, Caravan Industry Association of Australia has now taken responsibility in the collection of this essential data, with the support of state association funding.


Caravan Industry Association of Australia has been working with BDO, RMS, and NewBook to gather and analyse accommodation data. All data is collected anonymously, and without any cost to you.  This data will then be grouped and reported on at a state and national level so that interpretative data on our industry can be fed into Government thinking and can be used for media comment on the strength of our industry relative to other accommodation and tourism sectors.

Specifically BDO will be looking at available and occupied site nights across 5 accommodation types within parks, and the accompanying revenue. The data is compiled from your NewBook or RMS9 system and sent directly to BDO.


By participating, not only will you be assisting in research data used for political lobbying and media comment, but you will be able to use any published data to benchmark your business against the state and national average.                                                        

In addition, you will be able to use this industry data (or your benchmarked data) as the background for grant applications, funding proposals, or your own political lobbying activities at a local level.

 Without this data, the industry risks being overlooked in important national discussions – please assist us so that our industry’s voice is heard.