Where Doing Good Meets A Business Opportunity

By Kerry Williams, Founder – The Accessible Group

In the realm of tourism lies an often-overlooked goldmine, both underestimated and curiously ignored. This treasure isn’t about chasing the latest travel trends or hunting for the most glamorous amenities. It’s something far more thrilling and, dare we say, more readily achievable. Prepare yourself, as we delve into the insightful data from Accessible Accommodation, where facts illuminate the path to opportunity.

First off, let’s debunk the myth: accessible tourism is not a niche. It’s a thriving travel sector waiting to be explored. Accessible Experiences Around the Park:

19% of Australian travellers live with a disability. But wait, there’s more! Enter the baby boomers, making up 25% of the population and now sauntering into their 60’s and 70’s with an increasing need for accessible adventures. Together, they’re not just a segment; they’re a movement, transforming the landscape of tourism with every booking.

Let’s Talk Revenue

Travellers with disabilities aren’t just looking for rooms; they’re rolling out the red carpet with their spending. With 30% of bookings for non-accessible rooms (because, hello, carers travelling with them need a place too!), the plot thickens. The average stay? 4.3 nights, outshining the industry’s modest average of 1.9 nights. And the average spend per booking is a staggering $1700. If this doesn’t have you thinking twice about Holiday Park operators’ missed opportunities, what will?

But wait, there’s a twist to the story: people with disabilities are the unsung heroes of off-season tourism. When the school holiday crowds dissipate and the heat waves goodbye, they step in, filling your vacancies and bringing life to the quietest months. February to June becomes a drawcard for accessibility, with April, September, July, and March leading the charge. And Thursdays and Mondays? They’re the new weekends, turning the tourism calendar on its head.

The moral of the story? By embracing accessible tourism, you’re not just opening your doors to a wider audience; you’re stepping into a realm of opportunity and profitability AND bringing joy to travellers with disabilities. Because everyone deserves a break!

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