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About Us

Caravan Industry Association of Australia is the peak national body for the caravanning and camping industry in Australia. Our organisation’s vision is, “To lead and champion a safe, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry in Australia” while working under our operation pillars.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia operates as a not-for-profit organisation with a membership base comprising the individual state caravanning and camping associations with whom we work collaboratively.

There are over 6,000 businesses across the entire caravan and camping supply chain. Many of these industry businesses financially support the organisation by making a voluntary contribution towards a cooperative fund that aims to support the sustainability of the greater industry.

We also communicate regularly with caravanning and camping consumers. We maintain an active database of over 508,000 consumers and support this through social media channels with a collective audience of more than 250,000.

“To lead and champion a safe, compliant & sustainable caravanning & camping industry”

Most Australians are blissfully unaware of the significant economic impact that the caravan industry makes to our economy.  The impressive annual contribution of $23.8 billion (and growing) is the combined product of over 6000 businesses in the sector, the deeply passionate and largely SME workforce, and the enthusiasm of caravan and camping consumers – both new and old.

The caravanning and camping industry has 50,000+ direct employees in Australia.

A total of 23,931 recreational vehicles (towable and motorised) were manufactured in 2021, representing a significant 42% increase from production outputs in 2020 and even a 11.5% increase from 2019. Currently in Australia, a caravan or campervan is manufactured every 4 minutes during the working week.

772,598 recreational vehicles (RVs) were registered in Australia – an increase of 4.2% from 2020.

Visitors generated 50.6 million nights in caravan parks and camping grounds around Australia, contributing $7.4 billion in visitor expenditure to the economy.

12.6 million caravan and camping trips were undertaken throughout Australia in 2021 – a 19% increase from 2020.

The caravanning and camping industry offers all Australians the opportunity to recharge in nature and reconnect with loved ones in times of holiday, generating much needed tourism dollars into regional communities.

As the peak national industry body, we are committed to facilitating and continuing this positive trajectory for the benefit of the Australian caravan and camping industry stakeholders and the broader Australian economy at large.

Our Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer – Stuart Lamont
  • General Manager Marketing and Communications – Keelan Howard
  • General Manager Industry Development – Chris Johnson
  • General Manager Research and Insights – Peter Clay
  • General Manager – Gov Relations & Corporate Communications – Luke Chippindale
  • General Manager Commercial Services – Bebe Mawer
  • Marketing – Tobias Weston
  • Content & Consumer Comms – Ella Doyle
  • Compliance and Accreditation – Mark Shipton
  • Compliance Audits – Anne Campbell
  • Compliance Audits – Alfredo Jose III
  • Compliance Audits – Lachlan Carpenter
  • Compliance Audits – Grant Smith
  • Digital & Operations Team Leader – Markus Luethi
  • Accounts & Financial Reporting – Mohneesh (Nesh) Roodurmun
  • Industry Researcher – Claudia Schmitz
  • Caravan and Trailer Road Safety Alliance – Peter May