Win a Triton RVMAP Promo Results

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We have our winners!

Winners Lynelle and Nev Remington purchased a RVMAP accredited Goldstream Caravan from Kratzmann Caravans, allowing them to enter and win our ‘Win a Triton’ RVMAP promotion.

The promotion successfully allowed us to promote RVMAP manufacturers to consumers and educate them about the RVMAP program. The promotion also assisted dealers with point-of-difference marketing materials and helped drive program awareness at State Caravan Shows from Feb to June 2016.

The Win a Triton promotion received 729 entries in total, which had an associated product value of $43.5 million.  The promotion received positive feedback from RVMAP manufacturers who will benefit from increased consumer awareness of the compliance program.

It turns out this is the second Goldstream Caravan the winners have owned, remaining loyal customers of the brand because they believe they have found a quality product with a superior finish.

When we asked Lynelle what the Accreditation Key meant to them when purchasing their caravan, she said, “To us it means we are purchasing a product of a very high standard where no short cuts have been taken in the manufacturing process, which we believe in the long run gives you value for money”.

Lynelle and Nev were already planning their next trip up to the Gulf with their new caravan before winning the Triton and are very happy to also have a brand new tow vehicle to go with it. They have extended many thanks to Caravan Industry Association of Australia and all the businesses who got behind the promotion.

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